In 2020, I submitted a resolution and a motion to the BACP's AGM, for consideration of BACP members. 


The BACP allowed the motion to be submitted and to be voted on by members. BACP is not legally obliged to carry out any motions which the members vote for. This motion requested that BACP set up a forum, for their student members. 

The BACP rejected my resolution, and denied the membership an opportunity to vote on it. BACP are obliged to carry out any resolutions which the members vote for. I am aware that many other members' resolutions and motions were also rejected. In previous years BACP has attempted to engage with members who have submitted any proposed resolutions, sometimes asking them to amend or change the wording of their proposal. However, these resolutions were always accepted for an initial members' vote. The BACP did not attempt to engage in any discussion in the submission of this resolution and rejected it. I think it is important that BACP members are aware of this change of procedure within BACP. I include the proposed resolution and BACP's response below. 

Proposed Resolution 

BACP's Response 

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