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Step in to Study Counselling and Psychotherapy (4th ed):

A student's guide to tackling training and course assignments

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This fourth, updated and revised edition of this bestselling classic offers essential guidance to student counsellors and psychotherapists starting out on their training. Peter discusses his PhD journey, helps students consider the cost of study and outlines the important aspects of essay writing. 

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Book Contribution

Research Article

Self as a Teaching Tool:

Exploring Power and Anti-oppressive Practice with Counselling/Psychotherapy Students

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This paper describes a workshop on power and anti-oppressive practice that was delivered to counselling students on an MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy Practice. Two lecturers (Beverley and Peter) used their lived experiences of racism and homophobia to stimulate student discussion and debate – effectively, they were using self as a teaching tool.

Research Article

Who are we protecting?

Exploring counsellors’ understanding and experience of boundaries.

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The concept of boundaries is a term often used within counselling and psychotherapy literature. However, there is a paucity of research into how useful and meaningful it is as a concept, for counselling and psychotherapy practice. This study researched how counsellors understand and experience boundaries within their counselling practice.

Journal Article


Our voices are stronger together

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This paper explores therapists' use of social media, including the author's reflections on the potential risks and benefits to therapists, and their work. These reflections are discussed in the context of the author's own social media use, as a therapist, which includes establishing #TherapistsConnect, an online community of therapists from around the world.

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