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Peter's experience as a therapist has heavily influenced how he teaches and what he is interested in teaching. For the last five years, Peter has been teaching counselling/psychotherapy courses at master's level in the UK and has experience in facilitating personal development groups, teaching counselling skills classes and delivering traditional academic lectures. Peter is interested in creating educational spaces that are relational and that harness the potential of all learners.  


In addition to his work within Higher Educational settings, he has also designed and delivered bespoke workshops and training on a variety of topics, such as: 

-professional boundaries (in counselling/psychotherapy and other professions)

-practice education

-reflective practice

-developing your professional identity

-managing social media in professional practice

-relational ethics 

-building and sustaining communities of practice

-understanding and working with spiritual abuse in therapy

Peter has experience in chairing, facilitating and managing online educational and training spaces.

The majority of his bespoke workshops are now delivered online. If you are interested in commissioning training for you or your organisation then please send an email.

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