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External Supervision

The demands of professional practice have increased over the last ten years with services and organisations requiring more from employees whilst not always being able to offer the right support. Supervision within organisations is often focused on the day-to-day tasks of the role, this type of supervision is often called managerial supervision.

This type of supervision often fails to support professionals with the emotional demands of their role or explore the emotional impact of the work that they are undertaking. Not only can this negatively impact the person it can also negatively impact their work.

Over the years Peter has developed a service for professionals around the emotional needs of their role - which is a form of External Supervision. This service involves supporting different types of professionals around the emotional and psychological impact of their work, including the impact on their professional and personal lives. This service has been sought by social workers, teachers, researchers, professional athletes, nurses, consultants, academics etc. 

This service may be commissioned by the client's employer or organisation, or it could be paid for directly by the client themselves. Either way, this service remains confidential and based on the needs of the supervisee and what they wish to discuss and explore. Confidentiality for this type of service is paramount and therefore no information is shared with employers or commissioning organisations beyond the supervisee's attendance of sessions.

Peter has experience supervising a broad array of professionals in a variety of roles. He has a post-graduate certificate in clinical supervision (PGCCS) from the University of Derby. There is no commitment to a specific number of sessions and clients can book sessions as and when they need them. If you think you may be interested in this service then email Peter to arrange an initial consultation. All of these sessions are delivered online. Sessions are charged at £75 per 50-minute session.

Training, Experience & Professional Development

Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling
BA in Psychology with Sociology (1st Class Honours)
MA in Social Work
PhD in Counselling & Psychotherapy
Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice 
Post Graduate Certificate in Clinical Supervision

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