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Collaboration and Consultation

To download a summary CV select this link. 

Peter is interested in collaborating and working with groups, organisations and individuals who are committed to issues of social justice and developing aspects of professional practice. If you are working on a project that you think might be of interest then send him an email with an outline of the project and he will get back to you. There is a charge for corporate consultation and training; however, Peter offers a proportion of his time for free each year to organisations and groups that have few or no resources to support their causes. 

Peter has been involved with a number of different collaborative projects. Many of these projects are about establishing and maintaining different communities of practice (CoP) which are groups or collectives that focus on specific aspects of practice or professional development. In 2022 he was one of the founding members of a group of service users, professionals and services who began a project called 'Breaking the Boundaries',  a resource and guide for professionals in social care to foster relationship-based practice. He established the Open Voices hybrid-publishing team that supports authors to publish and disseminate important and innovative books and resources. In 2020, he established #TherapistsConnect a platform for connecting therapists from around the world. Peter is also part of the steering group for the Emotionally Demanding Research network, in the UK, which aims to support people with the emotional demands of research whatever their role. 


Current Roles and Projects 

Steering Group Member for Breaking the Boundaries.

Co-editor of European Journal of Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy.

Steering Group Member for North West branch of Emotionally Demanding Research Collective.

Project Lead for Open Voices.

BACP Communities of Practice Champion - Establishing a forum for student members of BACP.

Founder and Co-lead of #TherapistsConnect.


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